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It's Hard!: Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Are you and your partner ready to make love again? 

Is intimacy getting you down and out because it’s just too difficult? Are you feeling turned off because you’re not sure if you can get it up and you are hiding it from your partner? Have Viagra and Cialis got you nowhere? Feeling dread is natural, especially when all the alternatives promise quick fixes, with solutions that never work and take the pleasure out of the event. 

With more than 20 years of transformational studies and practiced experience, S. Sequoia Stafford has worked with hundreds of men and their partners to adapt their love making to Tantra yoga practices for natural ED solutions to get hard. Using her experience in shamanism, tantra and ontology, she developed the It’s Hard process, which fixes erectile dysfunction and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your sex life. 

In It’s Hard! Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat Erectile Dysfunction, you will learn: 

  • How to get hard and stay hard 
  • How to make love so she begs you to do it again and again 
  • How to have sex as often as you wish
  • How to create passion with your lover so penetration feels good to both of you
  • How to create a whole new sexual experience with mind blowing releases

If you’re ready to heal erectile dysfunction and its effects on your love life for good, join Sequoia as she lays out her sexy, seductive method to get hard and take your partner on a magical experience of xstasy every time.

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I’m Not Jealous: The Ethical Non-Monogamist's Guide to Free Love Relationships without Suffering

Are you desperate to love without fear of betrayal or loss?

Do you want to live the fairytale of many lovers who all love each other, but find your relationships struggle because of upset from jealousy? Do you wonder how famous couples manage to have open relationships and still profoundly love each other? Do you want to find your “person” who is a champion for you to be loved by everyone you choose to love? Are you a diamond with many facets to your life that only polyamory seems to provide you, but jealousy gets the best of you each time? Get ready for an open relationship game changer by best selling author, relationship, and intimacy coach, S. Sequoia Stafford.

In I'm Not Jealous you will learn to:

  •   Prevent jealousy from taking over your mind
  •   Be at peace when jealousy strikes
  •   Heal in seconds so you can move on to important things
  •   Unwind any relationship problem
  •   Communicate with authenticity even when it’s hard
  •   Create trust, respect, and safety when emotions are high
  •   Stop imagining the worst when your partner is with another lover
  •   Create FREE LOVE relationships that last long term 

Not since The Ethical Slut has a powerful female author written such a groundbreaking solution for women's sexual sovereignty and designer relationships. Don't live with jealousy one more minute. Inside these pages is your freedom to ethical non-monogamy without loss or betrayal.

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Hi, I'm Sequoia

I'm on a mission to take the pain and suffering out of love and sex. I'm the bestselling author of It’s Hard!: Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat ED and I'm Not Jealous: The Ethical Non-Monogamist's Guide to Free Love Relationships Without Suffering. In my Santa Cruz, CA temple, I guide couples to find reverence in moments of intimacy and challenges them in order to open doors for sacred partnerships. 

I'm a master healer with over 20 years of experience training coaches and individuals to reconnect with their bodies, relationships, and sexualities. A lifetime of study has allowed her to weave together the best bits from a huge range of modalities and practices, including Neuroscience, Tantra, Shamanism, and Evolutionary Psychology. 

Just like our fingerprints, each one of us has a a unique design for what brings and keeps us healthy, healed, joyful, and peaceful. Sequoia can help you discover your BLISS through guided self-growth and development so that every future relationship is wealthy and healthy.

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